Friday, June 20, 2014

1 week after

It's been a week since my birthday.

Few weeks ago, at this point of life, sometimes I feel so young in the midst of veterans and sometimes I feel so old in the midst of young people. You can say I feel like I am caught in the middle.

There are times I feel so tired "doing" whatever I have till I wished I rather sit and let my life pass me by. I realized that is so time wasting. By right, I should make use of time given. Too much time wasted on holding back or postponing or prioritize other things.

Part of my daily prayer is asking God why I am here. What makes life interesting is that God does answers your cry and boy, when He does.. it just blows you away.

I remember Canon half jokingly said the same thing to me -- why we are here. His explaination kinda says it all. God has a plan for us here for a purpose.

Still learning to walk according to God's grace. Still walking this humbling experience.

But I always believe God has the best for me. That's what I been holding on.  

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