Thursday, June 5, 2014

DEYC2014 aftermath

Attended my 7th Sabah DEYC ..

And I am not sure how long this run gonna be..

Was good, especially the word. Enjoyed the preaching by Rev Pit Vun, Rev Nickson and Canon Khee Vun (on last day of camp). Kudos to Rev Nickson for preaching his heart out despite his unfortunate diarrhoea.

Worship this year was off the roof. It's been some time I went crazy with the youths. Sang our hearts out and jump like mad. Till legs were sore! Credit to their passion and hearts.

And I even got to crowd surfing on closing session. LOLz!! finally. and fun.

Overall, the camp was good. Just thought the food and games arrangement could have been better. Nevertheless, hope more youths will join in years to come.

Keep shining like stars, folks!

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