Saturday, May 3, 2014


With the success of Dark Knight trilogy and Avengers, it's no wonder superheroes movie genre have really upped their game. 

So I swing to catch the new Spiderman movie. As many hints and teasers came, I am very interested to know how they gonna fit 3 Spidey villians in it. Plus, knowing they are gonna tease Sinister Six... and other Spidey related questions.

Having said so, loved this Spiderman movie. 

The internal little kid in me wanted to scream at all the Spidey "easter eggs".. Spidey fans can spot them, there's a lot in it. There were a few major Spidey events well executed on screen and it gets my seal of approval as a Spidey fan. I won't say what it is all about before being labelled a spoiler. 

Fine, if you don't mind, read this. Again, spoiler ahead.. read at your own risk!

But I can say this, after all the "article sharing" about Sinister Six and X-Men featurette, it's all indeed were there.

The plot is a bit everywhere but in terms of emotional script, it really stood out for me. Still beats Sam Raimi's version. 

Andrew Garfield's portrayal as Peter Parker/Spidey really stood out for me. So does Dane De Haan as Harry Osbourne. Sorry Tobey Maguire and James Franco, your version slowly becoming forgettable. Not to forget Gwen Stacy well portrait by Emma Stone as well. 

8/10 for me.

Let's hope Sinister Six would be another fun outing. So does Spidey 3.. in trilogy, the third movies tend to have pressure to perform.

2014 as a Marvel fan really been fun. Next is the X-Men.. which seems massive so let's see how it performs. That leaves Guardian of the Galaxy having to cope with some big expectation.

So yea.. all in all, amazing.

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