Saturday, May 3, 2014

Tim's Turtles

It's really unexpected blessing. I will just treat it as my super early birthday gift to myself.

Was walking around suria before spiderman movie and i came to one stall that sells toys. To be honest when Nickelodeon reissued this version of turtles, I wanted to get just one turtle which is Leonardo because of childhood memories and Leo is my favourite turtle. 

Then stall owner greeted me, well, such a nice person. We had conversation with me about Ninja Turtles and I was still holding on the fact I am tempted to get Leo. Looking at the price, made it much tempting. Then we chatted a bit further then after learning I am a big fan of them, she offered to sell all of them to me with a very cheap price. Shell-shocked (okay, pun intended) with the offer and after few minutes of pondering, I bought all of them. It was an offer that is too good to let it go. Crazy but I took it and now living happily with the fact that I got them for cheap. Very cheap.

Feel like a little kid now. My family and relatives will know that I grew up playing the turtles. Sometimes I do wonder where my original now.. could be still in my Ipoh house's store room.

Buying turtles and watching spidey movie.. Man.. It's really some friday fandom time for me.

Spidey review later. I should get some sleep soon. 

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