Thursday, May 15, 2014

gojira returns

Ever since the failing of the first Americanized Godzilla, Hollywood tried to reintroduced Gojira (yes, that's his Japanese name) back to the everyone..

So this "reboot" follows pretty much to its Japanese origin. And getting Gareth Edwards who had success with "Monsters" to direct the movie.

And for that effort, I say bravo.

Fair enough, this version is way better than the first version. That first version is very much forgettable. I watched its re-runs on ASTRO like umpteen times.

Enjoyed this version and personally, I am glad it followed closely to what gojira supposed to be, that is in the original Japanese movie. Boy, gojira is so freaking huge!! Fat and chubby, there's no monster like that!
Just that I wished there's more shots of him.

But let me say forward, don't compare this movie with Pacific Rim. Seriously, you'll be disappointed if you do so. At some point, felt the movie was pretty much like Gareth's "Monsters" -- interesting but slow and draggy.

I will give this movie 7/10

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