Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Trademark quote from Ps Julius Suubi

Past few days been busy involved in Diocese Prayer conference. Tiring physically but refreshing spiritually. Learn a lot from it.

Prior and during conference, preparation for worship has been tiring but once you rely on God for strength, man, He just moves. The sight of whole diocese worshipping is a sight to behold. Praise God.

The speakers have kind words for us but seriously all glory to God. It's a great experience working with a combined ASC WT for this conference. It was challenging and fun at the same time to keep responding spontaneously to all the speakers' "worship song request".. we did quite well actually in that. I guess that's why they are impressed.

Seriously all glory to God.

I had the opportunity to work with Raymond Tan, a local songwriter-singer. His songs are featured in MGM(malaysian gospel music)'s 1st compilation album -- "holy spirit come" and "open the heavens". Go youtube them and you get to listen to it. 

We led a few worship sessions together and the highlight moment for me was when we together sung Ps Wah lok's song "every time i pray"
All in all, honoured to meet another fellow Malaysian gospel songwriter and hope we can work together again in future.
And yea.. We exchanged CDs with each other..

As for the conference, to sum it up, I am reminded how important prayers are. Human nature-ly speaking, praying can be a bore to us. But sometimes hearing testimonies how prayers made a difference from our conference speakers, you realized prayers are important as the air you breath.

I can see how this conference has really impacted a lot of people in the diocese.. keep hearing testimonies and how on fire (fyyyrraaa) they are for God.. it's a good thing honestly, hope everyone will continue keep that up..

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