Monday, April 7, 2014

on the first weekend of April...

It was the one of the longest Sunday I have.. and I believe there's more to come...

Services went good. The highlight for me is 10am service. Worship was just off the hook, love what God is doing in this service. The other highlight was the Boys Brigade enrolment day which happen in the service. All in all, another exciting service. Just love what God is doing. Oh, I said that again. Hehe.

After a quick lunch, time to endure a long AGM meeting. I heard a lot about the AGM here, so to see it and experience it first hand is pretty.. well.. one word. Crazy. There was lots of moment I honestly was shaking my head, I never been to a church AGM like this. I should have brought popcorn, it's like watching a draggy LOTR movie. I guess there's more to come so gotta endure with God's grace. We need God's love. no matter who.

Enough of that, well, time to show some love to the basketball team. Pretty tight much, totally a swing-saw match.. in the end, we came out short. But well done guys.

Sidenote, another 4 goals from MU in their latest win. Late peak? please bring that form to the finish line, Moyes!

I reached home totally numb and muscle sore. what a day. what a day of emotional roller coaster but God's grace is always sufficient. I believe in Him.

Summary of other days..

1st April : Shot a video for a new cover.
2nd April : Try a Japanese restaurant called Wojomama
4th April : attended this combine cell celebration/young adults meeting. Was good.
5th April : shared in English Youth

With that, there are many exciting days ahead.

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