Wednesday, April 16, 2014

hospital visits, worship leading, food eating..

I just did hospital visitation here at KK.

It was really an experience to visit hospitals here but what is more priceless is that I am able to randomly meet patients and prayed for them. Seeing how receptive they are to the prayers brings joy to my heart, knowing we are being a blessing.

Just this morning, I stayed up 1 hour in the middle of the night to be part of a prayer chain. Starting was a bit draggy for me but once you get into the gear, wow, you just want to pray. Indeed it was an experience for me.

I realized also I been getting lots of "worship leading" gigs. There's a major conference in August which requires me to lead too. Wooo. God is just using me "gao-gao" here wei...

Food-wise, I must admit there are good ones and bad ones here. As much I always post about good ones on my social media, there are bad ones which sometimes not worth mentioned. Sometimes the quality of the food and even their service shocked me. It makes you ponder why they even want to get involve in food business. Personally, I feel it's more than just selling food or making money. It's about giving customers the best service.

Having said so, I had KK burger bakar and I was so disappointed. 

But last night, a worship team member took me to try a stall that sold fruit juices. lovely. I enjoyed it.

This week will be crazy packed because of Easter. 

I guess it's fair to say so far, life here has been a really learning curve but enjoying every minute of it.

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