Monday, April 21, 2014

easter 2014

It was my first Easter outside West Malaysia.

Even though it's quite packed but I enjoyed each event.

Let's start for Good Friday. Wokeup for a sunrise service at 6am. But 6am here is quite bright already, mind you. Well, it was a simple service with me singing with my guitar in the middle of a cemetery. After breakfast, went back to chill then 12pm was the service was the 3 hr "7 last words" of Jesus.

At night was home communion. It was a feast and the night end with some movie viewing.

Now to Easter itself, it was a great service. Enjoyed myself.

After a quick lunch with some cell group members who were also worship team members, head back to prepare to lead worship at a children's easter party. Yes, 3 worship sessions for a day and it was fun to lead in front of 400++ kids.

So.. basically it's quite packed and fruitful right? Overall, it was tiring but I enjoyed myself.

All in all, first Easter outside west Malaysia was a blast.

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