Monday, April 28, 2014

28th april

Past few days when I opened my blog, I wondered what to talk about...

Because littlest to major things, sometimes I update it on FB or Twitter. That's the thing about social media.

Or sometimes my head has too much things popping in and out.

And then again.. mm.. let me try la..

Studies and assignment-wise.. I admit I still trying get into that groove. To juggle that with ministry work, well, that requires lots of discipline which I admit it's challenging for me. Sometimes I too carried away by work and my slothfulness.

Learning is I always trying to do. Yes. Learning.

That's life.

Ministry-wise, I thank God for ministry life so far. The ministry directly under my care -- worship team.. well.. lots of things I want to do with it. My heart at the end of the day is that we do it for the glory of God, not for anything or anyone else. There are few challenges here but trying to cope with the wisdom of God. Every ministry has its strong and weak points so the challenge is how to cope with it.

Helping out at the youth too so am supporting mr Winston in it whenever, whatever I can.

All in all, life in church been fun and adventurous at the same time. love what God is doing even though there's never been easy route here. Taking challenges one at a time.

There are many times I realized how fast I have assimilated into life here. Mind you, each place got its good and bad. Part of me misses KL life but part of me, well, don't because of pollution, jam and the madness. Sabah life been fun so far but part of me know this is not really long term. No matter what, enjoying the experience here.

So yea, the point is whatever it is, i will take it as a challenge.. till God has other plans for me.

Ok.. brain juice is out.. till next post then...

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