Sunday, January 5, 2014

skating on thin ice

To those who may asked.. well.. it's been a peaceful day at office...

Actually at some point, a reporter from a local newspaper came and tried to get some scoop. Well, first off, we ourselves have no major issue about what is going on. We move on with our lives, we are focus on why we are there. to worship God.

Apparently they have been going around churches to survey. 

Reporters.. i guess it's part of their job.. wanted to take pictures and do more interviews. But we kindly turned them down and said this is sensitive issue, best ask permission from the head instead. Then we kindly ushered them out. 

With the reputation of local news reporting, i hope they don't stir the hornets' nest. 

Anyway, just continue to pray for the peace of this country Malaysia.

I believe God is moving. 

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