Tuesday, January 7, 2014

1 more month

Yes I have one more month to my trip in KK.

Sometimes I wished time would move fast so it could happen quickly. Sometimes I wished time would slow down for me to pack up, prepare more for the trip and enjoy more fellowship here.

Nevertheless I am excited for it.

This whole trip reminded me last year, during worship team devotion time, Rev CK supposed to do the sharing but he said he asked a pastor friend of his to cover him instead. I honestly wasn't pleased because how can he randomly ask a stranger to talk to the team, maybe I worry what the team will think. Rev told me not to worry since it is a pastor (er..duh).

So come devotion time, his sharing was straight to the point and encouraging. As he closed in prayer, he called me and prayed for me. In front of the team, he said God want to bring me to the next level, He wants to bring a breakthrough in my life and asked me not to be afraid. I knew that point it was God speaking because at some point, I been praying hard for God to move into my life.

Life hasn't been the same since then.

So today as I reflect back, I realized it's all part of God's great plan. That's why I was given the opportunity by Bishop Vun, I felt at peace and I believe the time is now. That's why I agreed.

So many things changed but again, it's all part of His plan. It's starting to feel cliche when I say it but it is actually.

Anyway, keep praying for me guys.

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