Sunday, January 19, 2014

19 to go

This whole week have been memorable for me.. probably for the rest of my life. 

Met so many people and it would be fair to say each one of them mean a lot to me. They are really an
awesome group of people. 

As I had my "yamcha" session with Andy and the gang, memories just flashed back when I first met him.. it was when he followed Jon Tse and gang to Ipoh to do a concert and I was just finished STPM, waiting to decide where to go for Uni. That time, Andy prayed for me during the response time.

Many years later, you can say I am here at KL/FCC thanks to his prayers and encouragement. Cheers bro.

Hahaha.. on serious note, it's beautiful to think how God writes the scripts in our life.

Thank you for the meals, the laughter, the chats, the prayers.. most importantly the friendship. I will treasure it forever. You know who you are, especially those whom I had met over the past 1 week. Much love to you guys. Gonna miss you all.

Cheers =)

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