Tuesday, January 21, 2014

17 and counting

As mentioned in my previous post.. past one week has been full of meeting/makan... well.. few more to come!

recap again. because some are worth mentioning again.

I still it stretches back from Sunday 11th Jan..
Had dinner with few worship team members including Jacklyn the non worship team member.. lolz

Monday --
Ps Alvin invited me for a dinner and I thought it is a low-key with his church members, which make me more shy to go. Nevertheless was there and to my surprise, it turns out to be a "thanksgiving" makan with worship leaders around KL and Malaysian singers/artist/musicians. Was great to be able to meet people like them. Am blessed. Get to learn a lot from them especially Patrick Leong.

Tuesday --
It was a holiday. Met up with a friend I got to know through Soulworks for lunch. Hangout at her music school and share about life.

Dinner with one of my close friends here. Gonna miss her a lot.

Wednesday -- 
Had lunch with Francca, one of the newest recruit of worship team. At night was performing at Pisco. 

Thursday --
Zermi treat me lunch. 

Friday --

Spend some time with Amy, a good friend of mine over past 12 years. 

Saturday --
It was Jasmine's turn to take me for dinner. We have Grind burger. Man, their prosperity burger was awesome too. Anything that will be better than McD

Sunday -- 

Lunch with some worship team members at Brew and Bread. Had great time except the service was little off their game and nearly pissed Jackson. People, don't pissed Jackson especially in meal time.. he could burn your shop.

Then evening, yamcha with Andy and some members too like Mickey, Wendy, Ah Seng, Joyceline, Mike + family. Had lots of fun.

Dinner with Caroline and Victor at Nandos. Thank God i chose nearby. Able to rush from one place to another.

Last night, early cny dinner at a not-so-chinese/asian dinner place, Brussels. Good times.

All in all, really good time spending time with all of them. Plenty of laughter and catchup. Grateful for these people in my life. 

Love you all!!

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