Thursday, December 5, 2013

iphone youpanic

It's been a long day for me. running here and there, so many things crop up but experience some blessings along the way.

The one that stand out was the moment my phone had problem. Looked up at google and youtube to fix it myself, but seems it's did not get any better. Went to the service centre and they asked me to try another place.

So, went straight to cell group feeling quite burden.. i mean after a long day man. But gave my all for it.. lead worship, preach, share... and towards the end of the meeting, my hp worked like normal. Huge relief man.

The thing also that I was sharing about "triumph over adversity", and man, that reminded me that how I am to do so.

The whole day reminds me of how crazy this life can be. Never know what's around the corner but remember God is with you.

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