Friday, December 6, 2013

9 more weeks, 63 more days

9 more weeks, 63 more days.

A lot of people asked if i am ready and excited, honestly I am. it's gonna be challenging but i am up for it.

A lot of things been popping up in my already-packed schedule.

Let's backtrack a bit.

Hosted Theodore and his gf for 10 days. Oh I mentioned that before.

There were few days i took him out and boy, it was like food journey.. 

Memorable was Jogoya (over rated already), 3 course (nasi lemak, durian, burger) and Marche

Marche one was the bomb. Went there with Mr and Mrs Jackson, boy.. they had epic meal time there. They eat like mad wei...

But it was good time. good laugh with good food.

There was a stretch of 10 days where I was helping FAA in their teachers' conference. Was quite tiring.. wakeup early in the morning to setup the sound system then deal with their last minute requests. 

Of course, there's confirmation service and MGM thing. Tiring but blessed weekend.

Life been crazy but i guess it all prepares me for 2014. Like I said few details I have to look into like my house, packing and all but I believe God is with me.. everything been good so far despite busy.

So yea.

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