Thursday, September 19, 2013


Was watching this movie called "viral factor".

Why I wanted to watch this movie because it was shot in the heart of KL. Like 80% of the movie was shot here.

I remember the buzz around town when Jay Chou and Nicholas Tse was around the corner.

Overall, the movie is good.

The movie switches from Mandarin to English to BM to Cantonese.. rojak betul.. memang Malaysia ni....

There are some parts I find it amusing.. if we really put the reality factor in it..
1) Jay flew in via Air Asia and landed at KLIA. We know well, Air Asia lands at LCCT
2) They ran from KLCC to Golden Triangle then to MidValley. Man, that is some distance, in truth..
3) The movie also prove how "efficient" our police force.. they can't even chase a criminal properly..
4) In reality, i am not sure if the Government will keep quiet when some gangster run riot in the heart of KL.. but then again..

Anyway, it's nice to know how movie companies able to use Malaysia as their shooting venue. Good for the country image.

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