Thursday, September 19, 2013

happy mooncake and iSO7 day

Yes.. as my title says it...

Just sad this year I don't have jelly mooncake to enjoy :(

I love that more than the common looking mooncake.

I don't mind the snowskin ones.. which fortunately I had it today.

Of coz, today iSO7 is the talk of the town. Fortunately too, my hp able to update. So far no problem, just that i am not used to the fact my apps' icon got fatter/bigger. Apart from that, like the slick style. Although a lot of people feels uncomfortable about it. LOL!

Past few days able to just spend some "alone" time.. since Monday and Wednesday was day off. Just be myself. Watching movie. Cleaning room. Thinking about life. Play games. Do some self-cooking.

The fact sometimes I feel I am alone this year most of the time.. sometimes made me feel I am used to it.

Anyway, sometimes I do love to have "alone" time and sometimes I love spending time with people. Depends.

Oh, my cough got better by the weekend.

Tuesday, I was one of the opening acts in Merdekarya. Well, I went alone for this gig.. a rare occasion, thus explains no pics of me. Just a picture of one of the acts.

Had a good time performing. A bit taken aback by my own performance.

What was better that I was able to place my CDs there for sell and they asked me to do a main act in October. Excited. Thank God for open doors! =D

Just trying to humble on what God is doing. Before the event, God reminded me a story about a friend of mine who showed really an undying support to me. Past few months, just feeling God wants me to trust in Him more if I ever want to carry on my life. There are times I feel I been depending on my own strength. Time to let go and let God.

Probably there's the message have been resonating in my life lately. Trying to learn that.

Anyway.. On Wednesday, met my old time friend whom I dubbed her as bradada.

Tried Daily Grind at Bangsar Village. Quite a good experience there.

Anyway, my burger is dubbed Jai Ho Burger. Yea, a bit of Hindi/middle east favour to it. Surprised it has papadom to go along with this. And the burger was spicy.. but not the hot spicy.. it's the herb-type spicy.

Ya, I broke my burger fast/vow.

Was driving just now and this song played on my ipod.. somehow resonate in my head..

Recently been try write songs.. i am just flowing with whatever ideas that comes to my head.. and once, there was a country song-like tune in my head.. i trying nail it now..


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