Monday, March 4, 2013

marching forth (4th)

ok.. that is a bad pun for the title...

Past 72 hours have been dramatic for my lovely country especially on the east side.

So many things said and shared so I will not say further. Plus, some i feel is blown out of proportion. So let me sum up my feelings for the past 72 hours about the big hoo-ha..

1) My heart breaks to know things like that happening at our own backyard. Perhaps it's God's way to make us realized as Malaysians that sometimes we have been ignorant, lay back and take things for granted.

2) A lot of people keep sharing things on FB. At one point, it's got annoying for me. Some are fake news, some were blown out of proportion. Some should realized some things shared is not helping the situation.

3) A lot of people asking for prayers. I agree with a Sabah pastor that said if we are busy asking for prayers, we should be off from FB and pray! Sharing/saying is not enough, walk the talk, folks!

4) Actually this thought has been around my head for sometime even before this. I hate the fact that everyone keep marginalizing themselves in this country. Hey, we are told to be 1Malaysia right? I know thought this concept should be around for decades even way before our lovely PM has a funny name for it. I hate immature people making fun of each other's religion, race and state. Grow up Malaysians. GROW UP!

Anyway, my thoughts and prayers are with the Sabahans.

I have great friends in Sabah. My gf is still stuck in Sabah for holidays.. i m not joking.. and I supposed to go there around mid-year. Yet, I have faith in God that she and her family and the rest of my friends are safe. Trust in God.

So keep calm and pray :)

Besides that, past 72 hours too.. weather been hot. Till.. Sunday.. heavy downpour. So heavy that it nearly flooded the main road near my house. Partly the building of the MRT and the drainage was the factor the flash flood occured. But the flood happen and gone quick fast.

Ok.. meantime, my sore throat been getting better. Not easy to sing in the midst of recovery. I was coughing badly during practice but a testimony of a member reminded me of God's presence and healing.. he thought i recovered during service.. haha..

Anyway, it's mid-point of Lent season. I think it has been a wonderful spiritual journey.

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