Friday, March 1, 2013

friday pitstop again

Writing this with battered soul..

Having a bad sore throat that i am praying I can get well by weekend.. coz I'm singing.. oh God heal me..

A scar I sustained while futsal on Tuesday..

My heart aches to learn just now that a war has erupted in Lahad Datu..

I have lots of friends who have family and friends there. My hearts goes out to them.

To learn that war is on-going in your own backyard does bring life into perspective. I think most Malaysians are just ignorant and think this can never happen here but well.. life has its own say, doesn't it? Praying that peace, hope, love, most importantly God's sovereignty reigns over this lovely country.

Backtrack to Tuesday.. i have a great game in futsal. Not sure why i was on fire.. as a defender. Rio Ferdi can proud of me.. hahaha...

Cough hit me on Tuesday and it got worse each day.

Come Wednesday, got an emergency call from boss that he wants to put a church member in my house. I at first was taken aback, but after helping the guy to settle down, I heard his story and my heart aches. He was accused by his housemate of a big crime .. all because he is such a good guy and that person wants to bring him down. Yes, like Joseph and Potiphar's wife. That member was behind bars for few hours, till his housemate redrew the report knowing she can get jailed for false report. Crazy. Because of the mess, this member has to moved out. Imagine your day... from wrongly accused to behind bars to forcefully leave the house.. man, it's emotionally draining. I feel for him :(

mm.. at this point, after all I shared about war and false accusation, it does put life into perspective, isn't it?

And I cut my hair on Thursday.. got this feeling that I overgrown the thoughts of keeping long hair.. no pun intended. Love it so far.. helpful when it comes to hot weather..

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