Monday, February 4, 2013

some prawns, dim sum, burgers

CNY around the corner..

I must admit I been trying to take care of my eating.. so far been successful..

Meantime, here are some key makan moments...

What's a fellowship without food?

FRIDAY was pre-CNY makan with cell group. Went to a place near Old Klang Road.

Food is just nice. 7/10.

Highlight for me was the massive prawn.

I think we all are big eaters. We finished our dinner quite fast.. having said so, we went 2nd round at MidValley for desserts.

We were at Jonker sweets.

SUNDAY morning.. dim sum brunch with Iris and her bros. Thanks for the treat.

Later than evening..

Brought Jackson, Huey Yue and Jacky to Publika and let them try Fat Boys' Burgers.

Must say it was better than my 1st visit.

My burger was nice.. Jamaican something something.. can't recalled its name. Just that patty dropped too easily.. in jackson's words, like meat loaf.

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