Tuesday, February 5, 2013

aftermath of megaforce ep 1

This post is only for fellow Power Rangers fans...

You can skip this if you don't fancy my post..

I just want to add my opinion to all the online voices about the Power Rangers Megaforce episode 1..

After much hype and all, personal opinion about the first episode is that it is great. Giving it 7/10, felt could be better but still acceptable. Of course, it is much better than Samurai's "first" episode or even their so-called Origin episodes.

Power Rangers always have the history of cheap editing from its original Super Sentai footage so.. well.. I can't complain much although wish they can put more effort to overcome that.

Loved the nods to the original MMPR.. since it's PR anniversary season
- Emma's helmet complaint similar to Kimberly's
- Gosei said he is Zordan's student
- When Red Ranger led the first morphing sequence.

I am more exciting for this season compare to their lame Samurai adoption. I want to see how they gonna transit from "Goseiger" footage to "Gokaiger" footage.. how they gonna "re-tell" the Legendary War.. how they basically adopting the whole Goseiger story. So far, quite promising. More doesn't get lamer and lamer...

Anyway, sometimes when I read PR forums, I don't understand some fans who complaint too much. GUYS THIS SHOW IS FOR KIDS!!!! WHY COMPLAIN SO MUCH!
Unless you are the MAIN target audience..

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