Saturday, February 23, 2013

sitting on a (Sat)urday

Usually Saturday I will be busy preparing myself for worship sessions.

Just that this week, we have some special guest taking over the worship, giving me some chance to relax and spend personal time in music/worship.

Was listening some songs.. especially Elevation Worship (it's a great album!) and try to get myself to compose some songs.

Halfway,of all albums, i decided to listen back to my 2nd album again, and boy.. i kinda amazed by myself, of all people.

Was reminded of God's grace when producing it. Was reminded the hardwork put into it. Thankful for the help of many great musicians (Jon Tse, JunJun, David, etc) and the support of many friends and family.

Looking at the positive, knowing there's a lot of areas to improve. Trying to get myself inspired and motivated to be a better musician, singer, songwriter for God.

All in all, think this has been a great journey..

Hope it inspires more people, hope more to come in future..


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