Friday, February 22, 2013

friday pitstop

Just imagine.. a week ago was CNY.. how times flies..

Ok.. before totally overwhelmed by it.. mm.. just a life updater post and musings from me..

1) Registering for TEE course in STM. Send in my application to TEE office in PJ. Course starts in April. If i want to see progress in my life, studies is one area to push myself to.
Thank God after years of waiting, the opportunity comes. I believe sometimes it's His timing. I a lot of times ask myself last time why i can't go for such studies few years ago. Maybe there's reason. Gotta trust God in this.
Excited but anxious at the same time. Pray for me.

2) Challenging myself to fast and pray during lunchtime with some fellow staff team. Not easy task because I realized sometimes I get sleepy, hungry, tired fast (pun no intended) too. Things like this challenge me to relied on God's strength instead of my own. But let me say this,

3) Work has been picking a bit of pace. Gotta learn to cope with it .. you know my work sometimes full of ad hoc and randomness. Soon, we have new family members - Rev Philip and wife from KK.. welcome welcome! Looking forward to work with them.

4) Related to point 3 bit.. learning to balance things in life. Sometimes i hate myself for being procrastinator. Some things i can do well, some.. not. Praying to break through in this.
Praying for better days ahead. Just feel God's moving. Let's see.

5) Harlem Shake is ruling the cyberspace these days. Gangnam what?

6) My heart aches sometimes when i think of my country. I love my country. God placed me here for a reason. With all the things going on here, whether political or whatever is happening on the east, my prayer that God reigns here.. and everything is in His hands. Pray with me.. no matter who you are.

7) MU is on fire!! Sir Alex said this team can be compared to 1999. Even as MU royal fan, I don't want to make such conclusion yet. If they take the treble, then we can talk...

8) Related to point 4.. about being procrastinator.. well.. about my songwriting and video making. Sometimes either I m lazy or too many excuses for myself. Need breakthrough man.. need breakthrough!

9) I admit I m such a cartoon geek.. enjoying Star Wars Clone wars s5, Ultimate Spiderman s2, Young Justice s2, Kamen Rider shows and Sentai shows.

10) I sometimes tell myself not to be too judgmental on some people on cyberspace. Sometimes some posts or reaction annoys me. I can't say much because I m no cyberspace cop.. but really, just be patient..

February ending soon since this year is just.. 28 days...

update more.. laterrrr... much love..

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