Friday, February 15, 2013


I wokeup to a terrible Friday...

Out of the blue, my lips swell again. I don't know why. Became depress because of it :(
I thought i was able to overcome that.. it was fine for few days.. now reoccurred..

Had to see the doctor. Surprised the doctor said just take med, no need apply medicine. A bit surprise about it, in fact she said no need apply anything because waste of money. really? ok.. let's see doc..

Best part was the doc actually gave me MC. I was a bit stunned whether to take it or not... because i personally don't think i need a MC unless my body is weak.

Anyway, went to settle my TEE application. Was a bit blur to register.. it seems now they need my original cert. Aiks.

If things goes well, will be studying in some months.. this goes on for at least 6 years. A long journey but i have to do something to equip myself.

Honestly, after all that happen, my day largely affected by my reoccurred swelling lips. Kinda depress about it..

Till I spent time in prayer and fast for LENT season.. but things in perspective.

God, please lead me on.

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