Tuesday, February 19, 2013

bonjour julian

It started on Sunday evening.. got a sms from Julian who asked me to come to Taylors' Truffles with other 3 friends for his F&B serving class on Monday night

I think this is my.. mm.. lost count of how many times i obliged his invitation... 6 or 7 times...

Apparently this is his last before he grad..

the lucky 3 was Jacky, Jackson and HY..

Anyway, the menu of the day was..
Some tasteless soup that I forgot its name. Was disappointed with it.

Main course was roast chicken. We have the honour of him cutting/roasting the chicken in front of us.

Chicken was just ok. Still edible and nice. But it was the sauce that made the difference. The sauce made it nice. Meanwhile, carrot and potato wedges was tasteless.

 Time for dessert.. and it's FIRE!

nah.. he was making pineapple flambe.

This time, his flambe was much better than last I came.. where he made the banana. This time, the syrup was nice.. blend nicely with the pineapple. But sadly, the pineapple given to the students was from canned food. Sad. If it is really cut from the pineapple itself, I think it will be awesome.

I wouldn't want to say this is a proper food review because the food were made by Taylors students. Part of me expected more but part of me in forgiving mood because student made.

Fun experience altogether. I done this many times with him but this particularly was fun although he was too busy.

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