Wednesday, February 13, 2013

cava Go-Busters

the 36th Sentai show just ended..

My personal review of the show..

I thought it's really unique series compared to the other Sentai series. I would say it standout in terms of some of their excution and style.

The season started quite slow pace and boring but towards the end, it picked up pace and momentum. The "dark" theme of it did make it different.

Not sure if it is a nod but certainly some thinks some of Go-Busters' stuff paid homage to Power Rangers. The morphin call : "it's morphin time" is the most obvious and some thinks the Messiah angle is similar to RPM's Venjix virus.

Some plus points :-
1) Different morphin call ala Kamen Rider style
2) Different feel of the mega-monster(this case : robot) fights. Instead of killing one, then grow one then kill it.. it plays a different twist to it.
3) Some twist in the plot about Messiah and Enter (i shall not explain more for non-spoilers sake)

Some non-so-plus points for me :-
1) The English grammar in the show is ter-ri-ber. "Let's Morphin" is one example of bad grammar. Poor kids who watched it. The more I watched, the more annoying I feel it is. Please get a good En-ger-lish tea-cha.
2) I admit I wasn't keen they re-cast the Magiyellow guy again.. mmm.. although slowly he grown fondly in the show
Credit to the writers, director and the crew. Really enjoyed the season.

Here's more words from the crew themselves although it is translated.

Till we see you again for the Vs movies...

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