Thursday, December 15, 2011

151211 random entry

Lately I am a bit of a dilemma and confusion to answer some people's inquires...

Sometimes I don't like people telling me how to run my ministry. Not to say I am not humble to hear advice but sometimes I do think some are saying for the sake of saying.

Let me answer with the love that I have :)

Don't get me wrong. I take them with a pinch of salt and evaluate it whether it is relevant to make changes or not.
I believe I should act according to God-given wisdom and I will bare responsibility on things I am handling.
I believe I need to evaluate the whole situation in a bigger picture, most of all, remembering any ministry one is handling belongs to God, not me or the pastor or anyone else.

Here's why I start this topic.. it's because of some comment..

I been told that the worship team should be "more" open to accept more team members but some said I should not always open the door "too open" for people to join.

Well, there's always two side to the coin. So depends how you see it.

Now let me ask the question...

Will it do any good to the team?
Are they as good as they claimed to be?
Are they committed members as some claimed they are?
Are they willingly to make the sacrifice to serve God? Why join this ministry?
Did you think of the 'quality' of the team?

I know everyone have different expectations but I hope people can understand some ministries run in certain ways for some reasons. Some ministries have different needs.
Ministry need to be fluid sometimes... to keep up the changes that is God-led.

I don't know if I did well to answer such question, but I tried. I hope you understand. No hard feelings.

Am hungry for lunch now..

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