Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Autobots, transform and roll your opinions..

I am a huge Transformers fan..

Been watching it since when I am so young.. yes.. being the 80s baby, i remember G1 Transformers fondly..

Recently, I managed to watch the Transformers movie trilogy again, but mainly re-watching TF3 intensively.. Tf1 and TF2 I skipped few parts... as much I was fine with Michael Bay/Steven Spielberg's interpretation, perhaps I felt I wanted more and felt it could have been better.

I think most die-hard TF fans will agree with me.

Many would thought there should be more of robots instead of chicks. But come on, no matter how advance our tech these days, there's limit to it... although as a fan, I wished there's more robots turning up instead of more airtime for Megan or Rose..

I try to compromising to Bay's version of Transformers especially Optimus being aggressive, which is a bit contradict his cartoon counterpart which most of the time is NOT such a killing machine..

Ha.. dont start about booms and explosion around the movies.. yup.. Bay is well-known to explode lots of things...

Some of you might think this comes in little late.. but after watching again and again, yea this what i feel..felt i wanted more from movie version

Rumors has it that there could be 4.. but hope it would be better..

For now, there's Transformers Prime cartoon.. seems it little bit follow the direction of the movie.. (btw, producer for the series is the same movie producer).. concept-wise I can accept but sometimes some plot is boring. Hope the series gets better..

Seems like I hope Transformers gets better.. hahaha..

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