Tuesday, August 23, 2011

justice league

I wrote this on Sunday night but couldnt upload due to TM NUT's super (slow) efficienent in fixing my new house internet problem.

Recently the word JUSTICE is always around my head.

I just came home from a conversation with friends about things around us...well, it's those conversations anyone would engaged into..

I admit when I was young, I thought only the 'powerful' and 'strong' should fight for justice. I always think why JUSTICE has to do with me. It should be for the bigger, elder people to worry... I should go on with my own life...

As I aged on and exposed to the "real world", I soon realized actually we need to step up to be the difference, not expecting someone to standup for us.

There are times, IF i was a very very emotional person, I would break down and cry to see some many injustice around me. The world, the nation, even in church. But I admit I put up a strong face and say God is in control.

I at times feel restless to see injustice and sometimes feel hopeless to know sometimes I seems powerless to do something about it. Why you may ask? perhaps I dont have the 'money' power, 'status' power, certain respect, limited resource.

The best one can do is pray.

I admit there are many entries I wrote in my blog to just express my unhapiness and restlessness about some injustice I see in the world, the nation, the church but right before I hit the send button, I withdrew myself and in few moments later, I delete that post.

Maybe I feel there's hope, a light in tunnel somewhere. Just have bigger faith than yesterday, just letting go, letting God. Maybe I overacting or retalitating.

But sometimes we need more than just saying "it's okay man" to really feel peace and okay. Each day I more convicted to stand up for the truth, stand up for justice. If I die, if I get fired, if I get thrown out from the country for doing so, well, let it be.

Think about it, Jesus is a good example for someone who stood up for justice. I know I can never be as awesome as what He did, but at least I want to be little by little be more like Him. He stood for justice against the Pharisees, the cruel society, the unfairness.

All for you and me and the rest of the world.

I asked myself and perhaps we should ask ourselves... will we able to make such stand if given chance?

Complaining among friends, being emotional on FB,Twitter,blogs won't move the world sometimes. He need to take action.

I dont need to wear my red underwear outside and a cape to standup for justice and peace but I want do what I can to see justice in wherever I will be. World, nation, church.

"politics will not decide if we should rise to be Your hands and feet" - Hillsong United's Solution.

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