Wednesday, August 24, 2011

between batteries and battles

There's a saying that God won't give us problems so big that we ourselves can't handle.

Tuesday, I thought my day was fine and dandy.. then when I was about to have dinner with Gracy, I couldn't start my car. My worst nightmare occurred, my car battery died down.

I tried to savor whatever hope possible to start it but couldn't. Even though it's 7pm, I called my usual car mechanic and I don't blame him saying he is home but he said he will help me on the next day.

For a moment I just thought man I screwed up but think about, perhaps it's not as bad as I think. My car died down in front of church/office. So all I need to do is just push my car to the church for safety purpose which I did thanks to the help of some church members. Moreover, I have some cars to temporary borrow. Plus, I thought the battery died down at the right time where my cash flow is back to normal.

After practice, I thought my day was fine then Darren called me saying TNB suddenly cut our electricity. If you are in my shoes, one will think, can your day get any worst??

Apparently the previous tenant failed to settle his bill. But for once, TNB acted so quickly..mmm...

We endup overnight at church. Seriously. Anyway, thank God we still have a nice place to lay our head.

Next day, all this problem was solved in fact by morning. The house owner paid the elec bill and will settle with the previous tenant while my mechanic fixed my battery quickly in the morning.

All this comes down to the saying I earlier said. All this are simple examples of how God can take care of us and watch over us.

Phew.. thank You God.

Another lesson to learn :- actually that day we staff team went for house cleansing. If i gonna give some description, we chase evil spirits out. And if anything to goes by, probably it's a way "they" wanna get back at us. No, I not making things so spiritual or whatever but when you are involved in such things.. always get covering from God.

Prayer is always the powerful weapon! :D

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