Thursday, June 16, 2011

TL @ DEYC2011

6th to 9th JUNE --
I was at the annual Diocesean English Youth Camp of Sabah. This time, held at Christchurch Likas.

Overall, camp was good. Wasnt that heavy or packed schedule. Still have time to have fun with some youths especially playing soccer with them. Perhaps I saying from a helper's point of view, not organizer or participant.

This year, God also moved mightily to the hearts of the youths. Even the message, I believe, as much as it touched the lives of the youths, it also bring a fresh word to me. I thank God for this trip to Sabah KK, as God really spoke to me and moved my heart.

More pictures and all can be viewed on my FB album.. i guess if you have FB and connected to me, you can view it, other wise, sorry!

Much love

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