Thursday, June 16, 2011

KK June-nals...

I know this comes late but here's my KK journal..

1st June -
Took the first flight from LCCT to KK. Reached KK at 930am. It's the first time I used online check-in, seems convenient.

Jon Tse fetched me and we had breakfast. Then followed him to check out his newly-opened Academy. It's a music class/school actually. All is at its infant stage, so hope things will work out for him.

Reached back Refuge Studio around noon time. It's quite some time I last visited the studio, seems like yesterday. So yes, we started work. Recorded main vocals, backup/extra vocals, guitars.

Within few hours of hard work, all we know is that we finished at least 2 songs. Quite a packed day, which means rest of the day is to recover some rest.

2nd June -
It's like everyday I went to CityMall with Jon, well, what to do, his new Academy is there.

After brunch, back to recording and this time try to finish few more songs. The idea of this trip is to do 5 songs. To cut the long story short, by night time, we kind of finish all the songs. Seriously. That shows how hard working we were, managed to finish all within 2 days. I admit according to plan, thought we can do 1 song per day so it wont be that stressing. I was wrong. Look how sometimes things goes not according to plan. hahaha.

Other than that, meet the old FCC folks who are following the Ambassador program, some KK friends, hangout with Sam Vun.

3rd June -
I admit I was a little upset with myself thinking why I came here early, but to cool down and just focus on the Lord, indeed He spoke to me about many things which I m grateful for. It did made a difference in my spiritual life.

I thank for some people who encouraged me as well, reminded me to take it as a holiday to relax. I guess I really needed it a lot, or else you forget why we are working for God for..

I also got to see more of Sabah musicians and somehow remind the reason why I answered my calling to be in the music ministry, why i take the risk to come out with albums.

Apart from that, another chilling day with putting few final touches to some songs..

4th June -
Basically chilling day....

At night, got to see Jon Tse's other alter-ego, Copper Coins.

5th June -
Sunday, went to All Saints' service at 10am. Great to see friends over there then waited for Darren to get as I gonna overnight his house because Jon has to fly off to Miri in the noon. Obviously I cant be home alone(or rather studio alone) at his place, moreover I will be bored to death if I m left to rot at his place.

Followed Darren for lunch then rested awhile then head to Christchurch Likas to help out in their preparation for the DEYC.

Rest time at night..

From 6th to 9th June was at DEYC....I guess I said few words in previous entry. Met some great people there, I enjoyed myself there in short.

Well,this KK trip, I believe God has spoken to me in few areas and I m blessed by the way He opened up my heart. I admit sometimes it's tiring to live life these days, but to be away in KK, away far away from the familiar stuff, ables me to draw nearer to God and I felt refresh in this trip.

o, my flight back to KL was terrible.. lift off was so fast that I was "jump" out from my sleep. Terrible AirAsia.. just terrible. Even landing part was bumpy.. i literally have to hold to my seat when landing...

That's all from KK trip of 2011.. maybe another one this year but dont know when...

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