Monday, June 27, 2011


Yes, over the weekend was invited to be at INFUSE, FGA youth service on Saturday night..

The journey started on 8pm Friday night. Reached Ipoh at 1030pm. Greeted by the INFUSE crew and we together went for supper.

Without fail, each time I m at Ipoh, I love to visit Tong Sui Kai for the mixed fruit ice :D

Saturday morning, basically we have half day free. So...

Dim Sum for breakfast..

Then hunt for biscuits, ti-bits to bring back to KL...

Lunch at 1230pm...

Hangout at Coffee Bean....

We soundchecked at 4pm. After that, we rest and get prepared for the night..

The night went well and really a throwback to my years when I was leading worship at YF days, young at heart but very fired up for God. I love crowd like these, really hope more youths are like them. As young and small they are but they have a great and big heart for God...

I believe God really did great things in their lives.

As a band, we really didnt expect much but let God take control. I admit the soundcheck didnt sound perfect as we wanted but I thank God we all poured our hearts out and then we commit everything to the Lord, trusting He will take control. Indeed He did :)

The whole experience was simple and humble but at the same time, it was enjoyable. I was great to really spend time worshiping together with young people of INFUSE.

(more pics are at FB fan page.)

Supper followed after that.

Cant really thank them INFUSE for their great hospitality. They provided us a good place to stay and meals to enjoy. Thanks Matthew Dass, Joel, Vil Sern, Thean Seng and the rest of the INFUSE crew.

Thanks Matthew for the time, hope all goes well for your family. :D
Thanks Thean Seng for the arrangement and time. :D

Anytime given, Ipoh food always the best. hahaha.

Sunday, we were at SPC, so happen that they are celebrating their anniversary. After lunch, we journey back to KL... arriving safely.

All in all, I thank God for such simple journey which taught us well, most of all, I thank God for the opportunity to ministry to young hearts who were on fire for God.

There will be more, let see how, let God leads =)

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