Friday, May 27, 2011

TL vidlog - Just June-ful updates..

This is quite a random video because I was chilling in the office with Sam Vun and he wanted to test his newly bought camera. So what better way to test the new camera by randomly record some updates... hahaha...

To recap the video, June will pretty much busy month but exciting one nevertheless...

Firstly, yes will be off to KK for recording with Jonathan Tse for new project, new album =)

Next I will be at Sabh DEYC 2011, then back to KL attending friend's wedding -- singing in it as well(although didnt mentioned it here :P)

And yes, officially announcing that on 25th June will be at Ipoh to be at INFUSE night.

Hope to see you all around. God bless =)

Video credit :- Sam Vun of Nosensei Productions

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