Monday, April 25, 2011

an april-ly easter

My easter weekend ...

Good Friday - we did the 7 last words of Jesus. Something interesting which we had a simple orchestra plus simple acoustic set of songs with 7 preaching based on the 7 last words of Jesus. Turned out well and the hall was full till the max.

Sunrise English service. We presented two self-composed songs, primarily written by Ah Seng. It was cool, hopely we as a WT can do more self-composed songs, which honestly I love it and I enjoyed doing it.

Chinese service had this special guest performing while BM service have a great celebration service.

It's been a good Easter, a Lent season that really push me to limits.

I love what I m doing that is to use my gift of music for God but sometimes I do believe there's more I can do about it. Unfortunately I do feel lots of limitations and hindrances around me which sometimes borders me. Really, and i dont want go into details. Well, it's like the movies sometimes, there's conflict to everything you do.

Trying to chill after busy week, obviously. Lots to face.

May God continue to shine His light upon us.

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