Friday, October 8, 2010

you must.. ASKKKKKKK

Matthew 7:7-12

I think it's one of the famous verses that anyone would give as advice.. yupz, as it says in verse 7:- "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you".

I was reading this last night with a new bunch of people for cell group and they shared with interesting views on this. You see, I don't know about you, I realized these days we don't really ask God as in seeking Him or knock on the door of the Father during our prayers. Whenever we have problems, we tend to either give up, throw it aside or just close one eye on it. Sometimes we tend to say, "you know what, I will look at it later" or "I trust God will make a way." We relied too much on our own understanding and strength. In the end, we didn't ask, seek or knock.

Ironically those form the word - A.S.K.. anyway...

It reminded me of the recent GLEE episode that I watched - episode 3 about Grilled Cheesus.. (gee, I m little irritated by its title but anyway, for spoilers' sake, I try not to reveal much). In that episode, Finn made a cheese sandwich and after he made it, he saw an image of Jesus there, thinking it is some divine intervention. He prayed upon looking at it, and he got his prayers answer. (what he prayed, i m not revealing here for those havent watch that episode. haha)

Apart of the 'religious' theme they have for this episode, I was reminded that we don't need sandwich to remind us that there's a God who hears us. I believe sometimes we really don't comeback to our own Father and ask Him. Read Matthew 7:9-11 -- prove our Father is a lovely Father.

Back to 'real' life experience, I have hear testimonies that when we really seek and pray to God, God do answers or work in ways we don't understand. True that God works in His own way and timing, I think the role we should be playing is.... A.S.K

That reminds me very much of what Bishop Vun famously shouted during his recent preaching few months ago..

"you must ..... AAAASSSSSSKKKKKKKKK!!"

How true. We must really ask and seek God's will in our lives. I learning that too, not just relied so much on my own understanding and strength but God's leading.


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