Tuesday, October 5, 2010

the axehead

Morning I was reading this passage for devotion :- 2 Kings 6:1-7

In a nutshell, a man dropped the iron axehead into the flowing river while chopping a tree. He panicked and he called for help. Then here comes Prophet Elisha who help the man to get back his dropped axehead by throwing a stick into that dropped zone. And yes, the axehead floats.

Many times our problems seems to be like the axehead. It falls into deep 'waters' till we can't reach it. Well, once that happens, depends we react. Some give up immediately, some will desperate would want to jump in to get it back. In this reading, the man cries out from help so if we have such situation, do we cried out to God?

God can work miracle in circumstances that is impossible or unreachable. After pondering on that, I learn that I can cry out to Him when I need Him.

Funny enough, that time I was reading it in the morning, I asking if I put this into practice. Then as the day passes, God showed me few areas that I need Him to move and come in. So yea, practical after reading/sharing..

Yupz, sharing what I see.. hope it can bless you as well in hope to encourage and remind you all that you are not alone when trouble comes -- for God is with us.

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