Friday, June 25, 2010

waka waka

Fever has hit the world.. World Cup fever that is..

Matches have picked its pace and it's been a good World Cup all to say. I must admit I never been successful in finishing a match at 90 minutes. Most of it I watch halfway. hahaha. Either no time or busy or tired.

Through this World Cup, I learn few things that I thought I would like to share :-

1) indeed, betting does not pay.
So many results that really shocked people such as Italy losing to Slovakia, Serbia beating Germany. What are your odds about these giants winning but endup, losing. Guess those bookies are really laughing their way to the bank..

2) it's not technical skills, it's people skills
I actually admired how Maradona handled the Argentina squad. The world knows he has no coaching experience, in fact, the press always criticized him in this matter. But oh how that guy has brought Argentina so far and they are one of the on-form team in the World Cup so far. He goes round hugging people, that shows he really appreciate the hardwork of his team.

In short, I do learn a thing or two from Maradona. That guy has really charisma, a larger-than-life persona to inspire his team. Yea, any team need inspiration.

On the contrary, there were teams showing cracks because of ego-ism. You thought they will make it to next round, but they failed and cracked under pressure.

3) always do your research/home work, stop whining.
A lot of people have been busy criticising the new ball, saying it's too light and bouncy. But look at South Korea & Japan, I think they never make a sound about the ball. In fact, I read an article that they always practice using the new ball, learning how to control it and kicking it. Indeed the hard work pays, they have scored many goals with it. Check out how Japan overcame Denmark, two goals were from free kick and I would say it was a good kick.

Well, I guess that's all I can share about what I see and learn so far from the World Cup...

Round of 16 is up next so stay tuned for more World Cup fun!

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