Friday, March 12, 2010

living my dreams

As I was driving back from fetching uncles and aunties after their Senior Citizen meeting, I was praying for the church and the things I do. Then suddenly God gave me this thought and realization that actually in a way, I m living my dreams and purpose.

Sometimes I admit I fail to see it. I fail to realize it. Perhaps blinded by tiredness and many weaknesses.

I repent for sometimes complaining and laments during my time of working in church. But God gave me a bird's eye view of my job and actually, I should be thankful with my job. Matter afact, I m living my dreams. Let me share why I said so.

When I was young, I always admire how big churches work, obvious example would be like how Hillsong or Planetshakers work. I always dream that I can work in such environment and all, then specifically also said I would want to lead the worship ministry because it's my passion.

Cut the long story short, if I look at what I am doing, I m living out my dreams. I m leading a great worship team and overseeing Faith Music. I even myself have came out with my own solo album. I m part of a really exciting times in FCC, with lots of big stuff on-going. Leading a cell group aka Faith Station plus few more smaller things. Sometimes I pinch myself to see how this all happen..even you ask how all this happen to me, I don't know how to answer you. It's all God's leading, really it is.

I can testify that it's not about the money, it's about the passion. And I think I m blessed that I m able to work for something that I passionate about. I know I m not rewarded 'richly' through monetary but I know God will bless, in His timing.

Sometimes it's not all bed and roses. The challenge is always keeping that fire burning and always set my eyes on God. It's not an easy challenge. I think over the past few years I m working as a staff, there are times I wished I wasn't here, etc, etc. Negative thoughts.

Well, after much able to live the 'dreams', time to challenge myself for bigger dreams. Owning my own studio, busy with albums - church-wise or mine, tours. >) o yea..that's big for you and I m not kidding. But remember where you read it first...hahaha...

As I close this simple sharing, please pray for me as I journey on this road. It's not an easy one and the road ahead is unpredictable but all I can always is to trust that God will lead me.

Cheers. I m typing this in my office after office hours because it's gonna be a long day for me - BM worship practice then straight for Faith Station.

Much love.

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