Thursday, February 18, 2010

back to war zone

Today was my first day at work..
All in all, was a good day..simple and light..even boss let us off early..
Which then I decided to cut my hair, in hot weather, I thought it's better to make my hair shorter. Long fringe irritates my face skin sometimes especially in hot weather.

Decided to go to APT at Pyramid to get my hair cut. I went there twice and got satisfying result. Third time, isn't charming.

I said I want normal service. So they said wait. I thought alright fine I will wait, since they have mini internet cafe there, I sat down and browse through some soccer articles. I browse till my backside was pain..i realize I sat there for an hour and yet no one attended to me. Little unhappy so I walk off and walk into another haircut shop few blocks away. Within 10 minutes, my hair was done, pretty happy with the cut as well, in fact cheaper by few dollars. So yes, you readers can follow me and say WTH.

Pretty much believe what Gavin said few months ago that he wasn't unhappy with the service. Alright, now I believe you brother. Okay fine I wanted the normal service, not the professional service, but that doesn't mean you snubbed me at one corner and wait for hours. Imagine if I have something to attend to. Whatever it is, this shop gave me a bad impression. I was pretty patience actually, maybe because I have nothing to rush to, but honestly, that's little bad service if you ask me, ignoring customers even though we were told to wait.

O well, at least I get one hour free internet service out of you.

That haircut episode little ruined my otherwise nice and fine day. At least, the other shop did a fine job on my hair.

Lent season is around, in case some of us are not aware. I hope this Lent can help me to deeper my walk with God.

Talk with boss today, glad that he said he would allow me to go to some invites that I got recently. Besides that, he said my training attachment is close to I biting my fingers to know when I would be send away..

Hope I will be able to stand strong and trust God. That's why I said out of comfort zone, back to war zone.

Enjoying little KL quietness at the meantime while some still in holidaying...

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