Tuesday, May 12, 2009

buat baik dibalas apa..

Recently my mum forwarded to me this sms..

'New operandi of robbery. When you are in your car, if someone approach you for tissue paper whose face or hand with blood, do not wind down your window. They are robbers. Already 40 such cases happened in KL and Johor..'

I duno how true is this sms..you know la these days..but i feel kinda sad to read such sms because people's trust and kind-heartedness being misused. No wonder sometimes it's hard to find people publicly sincere to help those in need and in trouble...they scared they being mistreated by such criminals..what the world has turn into +.+

I used to like this Malay phrase .. "buat baik dibalas baik" which means good deeds will be rewarded rightly (if my BM translation works) but as i grow old, sometimes i feel this phrase is hard to exist in the world..

Justice is indeed a subjective matter. But in the end, let's not stop doing good. 

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