Wednesday, April 29, 2009

tim's testimony

The following is the original draft i wrote for my testimony which i shared over the weekend. For those who are wondering why suddenly why i wrote this or even told to do's because of the Disciplineship training that i m currently following. One of our assignments is to write our testimony and shared it to the congregation. Over the weekend, it was my turn. So here is it...


My name is Timothy Lim Wern Liang and I will be turning 24 years old this year. I was born in Ipoh, Perak and I m the eldest son in the family. As for my early education years, I studied in SRK St Michael’s Institution Ipoh then subsequently went to SK St Michael’s Institution for my secondary school education. As for my university education, I was at University Tunku Abdul Rahman, taking up Broadcasting course.

I was born into the Christian family and I m considered the third generation Christian because my grandparents and parents are all Christian. With that, I been taught by my parents since young to attend church and love God. I can say that going church is like part of my life ever since young.

The turning point in my Christian life when I was 10 years old. It was in a church camp where i attended the children's session and that time, I was told that even though you are born into Christian family, that does not mean you have accepted God as your personal Lord and Saviour. At first, I admit I kind of find that fact a bit hard for me to take. But I try to evaluate that statement that time because in my mind that time, I thought going church is like a normal routine for Christian like me or something that all Christian must do. From there I learn that, a personal relationship with God is important. I remember after a few sessions in the camp, after praying about it, I choose to accept God as my personal Lord and Saviour.

From the outside, a lot of people thought I m very blessed like to be in a Christian family, both of my parents are teachers, actively doing things in church, being a leader but the truth is sometimes I have to deal with insecurities and the feeling of inadequate. I thought I m such position because of my parents are teachers or leaders or because there is no one else wants to do it.

I always I wonder why God want to use me and choose me to do certain things or be a leader. I remember when I was 16 years old, I cried in prayer and begged God why can’t I have a ‘normal’ teenager life like any of my friends like sitting down at home playing computer whole day, hanging out at shopping malls, going to Cineplex watching movies, going around picking girls, owning the latest gadgets. At some point of my life, I m so tired being the leader in everything. I was the Youth president that time and at the same time, I have responsibilities in at school as well like being the school prefect. Also at the same time, my grades were falling so I was pretty upset with myself until I decided in that year, I would step down from everything to put my life back on track. I beginning to feel my life was very empty that time and dry as though I have lost my focus in life. Instead of living God’s way, I feel I m living my own way. I even feel like I want to runaway from God that time.

I remember telling God that I want to set my life right and truly He guided me through my form 5 school life and I worked hard for my SPM. At one point I thought I would flop SPM because I was getting 5Es but in SPM, I managed to get 5As and other grades. That time I realized God never let me go no matter what situation.

Fast forward to after STPM/form 6 life, again I needed God’s hand in my life. I was choosing between local university or private university. I was recommended to go UTAR and at the same time, I thought of waiting for application to go to local university. When the results of the application came out, I wasn’t successful in the local university application and I was really upset about it. I wasn’t keen to go UTAR but somehow God open doors and eventually I came to KL to study at UTAR and subsequently know FCC.

Like I said earlier, sometimes I feel inadequate in my life. Sometimes I wonder why God still love me even though I m so imperfect, even though I m a sinner, even though I think someone else can do a better job than me. That’s why the Bible is so important to me because it is the Bible that opened my eyes and reminded me that God loves us no matter what. God even showed me examples of people in the past that despite their short-coming, God still use them. King David – the adulter, yet God says He is a man after His heart. Moses, even though he was scared, he led God’s people out of Egypt, Paul once hated Christian but later was a missionary for Christ.

This actually eventually challenges me to work in church because I know God can use anyone for His work. The broken hearted to reach to the broken people. I would say my relationship with Him has been ups and downs which many times inspired me to search Him in my quiet time. Many have ask how I get inspiration to compose songs and all I can say is through situation like this, it makes me compose them.

I like a Bible verse in Jeremiah 29:11 that says.. ”God’s plan is to prosper us and not to harm us hope and a future…”

I believe God has been faithful to me and as I grow, I begin to see His purpose for my life.

There were ups and downs, times when I feel discouraged and times when I know God is in control. All in all, I believe there is a bigger picture in this journey that I m going through. I thank God how He led me so far and each day when I wakeup, one of my prayer to God, Lord please guide me for Your word is a light to my feet and a lamp to my path.

To me, Jesus is the way, the truth and the light. I know without him, my life would be empty. I hope this encourage you to look to God no matter what.


If you read properly, you will realize some parts of my testimony is different than what i shared on stage. I actually went out stage and tried to spontaneous...hence what you hear that day is different what you read here. I would say what is read here is abit more solid that what you hear. haha.

Some people says testimony like this makes you know that person better. I guess it's true. I have many stories to tell honestly out from those stages in life like how i got to know FCC, how i started to be involved in worship, etc etc but this testimony at least gives you a picture of my life for the past 24 years.

Hope this testimony can be a blessing to you. If it has, I m glad it has and prayed you will just live your life to the best. =)

Much love.

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Sam Vun said...

Love your testimony man!! Keep up the good work and continue to serve God.. Your reward is waiting for you in Heaven =)