Wednesday, July 19, 2017

#TL2017moviewatch : apes

Because the title is so long. yea, haha.

3rd planet of the apes movie is basically like watching Prince of Egypt, if I can put it that way. Ha!

I don't know how to sum it simply without giving away too much. Mmm. But yea, that's how I feel after watching it.

Andy Serkis' performance as Caesar is just gold.

Even though it's lengthy and slow pace, (which can be said for all of the three movies) , personally this is one of my favourite movie trilogy. It may not appeal to a lot of people but I like how this movie appeal to the critical thinking side of me. Thought-provoking stuff.

Just google about the movie and you will understand what I mean. Like this article here

Those who know the history side of this franchise will like how it links back to the classic one.

 Rate : 8.5/10

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