Thursday, June 1, 2017

#2017moviewatch : Wonder Woman

One of the most anticipated movie of 2017.

So much stakes for this movie, especially what happen in the past for DCEU.

However, I would say this is the best entry of DCEU, hands down.

Testified by early reviews, I think it's fair to say the movie hit the right tone. This movie somehow improved on the mistakes of Suicide Squad and BvS.

Although the producer and director said they brought some tone from other DC movies (kinda obvious with a few parts) but they managed to balance (or mask) it well to make this movie their own. And they somehow managed to avoid being compared to the first Captain America movie (of MCU) or even Thor. HAHA.

Gal Gadot was spot-on as Wonder Woman. There were doubters whether she can hold a solo movie herself. These days, hard to imagine someone else doing that job now. Bringing a comic icon to live is no easy task especially Wonder Woman projects which failed to lift off on many occasion. You may remember the failed TV series pilot. Probably the 70s version sticks out in many people's memories.

Back to the movie, let's go with the pros.
- Action sequence were great. Coupled with wonderful soundtrack, man, it brought out the feel.
- They did well to hid the villain. Maybe the impact of the villain wasn't so obvious but like any other DC movies, somehow the villain showed up at the final arc of the movie.
- Establishing Themyscira in the DCEU
- Little nods to the DCEU, not allowing the other DCEU characters to interfere. This gives space for the Wonder Woman story to develop.

The cons though are..
- First part of the movie was slow paced, but it picked up the pace once the conflict starts.
- somehow I feel some special effects in certain scenes are too obvious as it, they could have tidy up the effects better.
- they spend too much time establishing how Diana Prince can be like "a fish out of the water" at times.

Maybe I am heavily influenced by what I watched in Justice League cartoon so the ending was unexpected.

No post-credit if you are asking.

Overall, I give it 8.8/10

Well, it takes a woman to save DCEU though...

Best thing is she will appear again in Justice League. And yes, the movie just raised the expectation and stakes for Justice League to do well.

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