Thursday, May 11, 2017

grammar nazi TL pt 2

Here's another common social media's English grammatically error.

The confusion between "is", "its" and "it's"

The common mistake I always see goes like this..

example : "Is good to be alive" 

That sentence is grammatically wrong. By right, it supposed to be : "It's good to be alive"

Let me break it down and explain as simple as I can be...


"is" = third person singular present of "be".

Eg : It is good to be alive

"its" = Its is the possessive of "it". IT represents a subject or an object. ITS is liken to how we use HIS for male or HER for female.

Eg : That is Adam's puppy but I don't know its name

"It's" = shorter form of "IT IS". the "IT" is a subject.

Eg : It is a nice day

So.... here's another free lesson and PSA from grammar nazi Tim. Thank you.

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