Monday, March 6, 2017


It's been a tough few weeks for me. Need to untangled some thoughts, especially i felt bad for reacting badly to some conversation because of my tired mind.

That's why sometimes I feel tired to talk to people. Not because I am not friendly or anti-social, but I need space to just "breathe" and "remove" those negative thoughts. Unfortunately sometimes, I don't have that luxury in times where needs and issues just props up like mushrooms. It takes a lot to try to put up a brave face in some situations like Logan trying to face people while letting the wounds heal.

Ha. superhero reference.

But over the weekend,  I am blessed to hear some young people came to me and said "hey pastor, I been praying for you".

Deep inside, I feel touched to hear that. Sometimes, a pastor (be it young and old) needs to hear that.

Even after last weekend's preaching, it's touching to receive so many messages and testimony. Praise God.

Again, sometimes any pastor would need encouragement like that.

That reminds me about the culture of honoring, which I think it's very important we captured that. In society these days, we can get too caught up with negative things till we easily point fingers and complain about authorities or people that are placed in our lives.

God placed some people in our lives for a purpose and to learn from different perspective. The right response often is that we need to be open to it. Honouring people is also honouring what God is doing. Sometimes it can be hard to understand why certain people are in our lives but there's always a bigger picture.

Anyway, I just typing this out before I lose my thoughts to share.

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