Friday, March 31, 2017

#TL2017moviewatch : Beauty and the Beast

After all the hoo-ha in Malaysian shores about the release of the movie, finally every Malaysian citizen gets to watch it properly at cinemas.. instead of going overseas or relying on streaming. HA!

Quick verdict for me, a spoiler-free review..
1) Better than their other Princess-theme live adoption (I am looking at you Maleficent and Cinderella)
2) Can't imagine anyone else as Belle than Emma Watson. Such an eye-candy honestly.
3) Besides her, some casting are just spot-on. Luke Evans as Gaston especially.
4) The songs are good. I think that is the big bright spot for me. Typical musical stuff.

Downside for me was .. well.. being live adoption, meaning the storyline is very predictable and making it plot quite thin. In fact, some scenes could have done better, perhaps because I was tried to compare straight to what I watched in the cartoon version.

But I think this flaws is covered well by the amazement of watching how they turned that classic Disney cartoon movie into reality.

I guess the hype is basically for the nostalgic feels. So if you are very much fascinated by the original cartoon magic, I guess this could fit you. My wife said the cartoon seems grander, which I agree in some perspective but hey, sometimes not everything you can make it into reality.

When all fails, there's Emma Watson as eye-candy.


My rating : I give it 7.5/10 .. partly because of how they turned some iconic scene into reality.

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