Wednesday, February 1, 2017

the year of rooster

It's a different CNY for me this year.

Firstly, the experience of giving "angpao" instead of receiving. So yea, that's one major difference this year.

Somehow there were some who gave us too. What a blessing. Aww.

The other difference for me is the amount of traveling I did. Usually think going to 4 or 5 houses in one day during CNY is crazy. Going 5 towns within 48 hours is new level of craziness for me. 

Started that I went back to Ipoh to spend 4 days there. Then after first day of CNY dinner, went back to KL. Sunday was at FCC for service then evening, at airport to fly to KK. 

The next day, my in-laws said we are going for a countryside trip to Keningau and Beaufort. So much traveling. Till I am a bit scared of traveling already.

Came back on today's lunchtime. Wife decided to stay for a few days. 

No surprise that there's a lot of eating as well. Poor my soul. I don't know when I wanna start to burn those fats..

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