Thursday, February 9, 2017

Lego Batman

One of the movies I am waiting to catch in 2017.

After the runaway success of Lego movie, it is a matter of time that the Lego keeps building its success. Yea, pun intended.

Here's one -- Lego Batman. The Batman that featured so successfully in the Lego movie that he has his own spinoff like immediately.

And the marketing for him have been fun.

Back to the movie itself, it didn't fail to entertain. Lots of fun stuff to enjoy, from Easter eggs (about every Batman franchise) to even a short dig at Marvel (aiya, ok..) 

But gotta love how Lego "lego-nized" every DC characters (and even some familiar characters).

Plot is quite straight forward and like its predecessor, Lego movie, moral lesson is quite straight forward too. Like Lego. You need to stick to each other. Geddit, the pun? Ok i gotta stop with Lego puns.

I enjoyed and loved the jokes and humour in it. Pure fun, both for kids and adults.

RANTING : 9/10

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